Name: Zella Bernts

Apperence: She is like a goth girl. She has black short hair right above her hair and has blue highlights in her hair. She wears a grey t-shirt and a black jaket over. She also wears a black skirt with a belt and white and black tights and big black boots. She has her own little leather book that has all these spells in.

Personality: She's like goth and very mysterious. She always wonders around the forest and friends with Mabel and Dipper and dosn't really like Scarlett ( My other OC) She really hates Pacifica because the first time they met she bullied her by beeing goth. She think she's a little too awkward to be around. She also like to be around in the cemeteries. One day Mabel and Dipper caught her talking to the dead. (creepy) When they are in danger Zella uses her spells form the book.

Abilities: She has a special talent to talking to the dead. She goes to the cemetery every so often and just hang around there and just talk to dead people. She never really told her parents about her gift. They just think she goes to the cemetery to be all depressed and all. She has a leather book that has all these differant type of spells but all of them are like those levatation, invisibility, force feil, like those kind of spells.

Story: She moved to Gravity Falls because her dad got a job there. She didn't want to leave her goth group because there were the only people she could talk too. You will never see her parents in my scripts though. She was walking on the streat and instantly Pacifica saw her and made fun of her. Since she was the only goth girl in Gravity Falls she really stands out, so everyone was staring at her. She felt very awkward so she ran to the cemetery. She finds those bench and lies there then she noticed a ghost started to talk to her. She talked back for like 10 minutes and Zella wanted to see more so she walked in the forest and bumps into Mabel. Mabel started to talk to her and then she met Dipper and they eccepted for as goth. She didn't really feal confortable though, so she went back to the cemetery after lying to them that she needed to go home. She started to talk to the same ghost again, but the ghost notice Dipper and Mabel in the backround and dissapears. Zella turns around and saw Dipper and Mabel and they were speachless.