Oc drawing by dipper4561-d6qe7us (1)

Gabby's appearance.

is my OC. Her full name is Gabrielle Solace. But she prefers to be called Gabby.


Gabby's father is Apollo (God of Sun, music, Propechey, and healing), and her mother is a woman named Abigal Solace. Abigail gave birth to three children. The first one was Leo, Gabby's older brother who died facing a powerful wizard. Next, was Gabby herself. Then, Gabby's little brother Kevin. She had a happy life in San fransisco. But she ran away to Gravity Falls, she overheard that someone was after her.

Powers and abilities Edit

Gabby is a healer, she can heal mostly ant wound or injury. She also has an amazing ability to climb trees. She can create forcefeileds. Gabby is a great archer, She has a gold bow and arrow that she carries around with her.


Gabby has a yellow hat with a sun on it. she wears a red jacket, orange shirt, yellow shorts, and black shoes. Her hair is long, brown, and pulled back into a ponytail. 

Instagram VersionEdit

In another version of this OC, she is the cousin of Dipper Pines along with her two sisters (who together are triplets) Lisa, and Kat. Their account caan be found @Oreo_twins_gf on the mobile app, Instagram.