Charisma cartoon form

Charisma's Cartoon Form

Name: Charisma Valentine

Presonality: Crazy, shy, funny, sassy, cool, kind, gentle, playful, caring, loving, fun, talented, friendly, sometimes stubborn, smart, sweet, and stuck up.

Look: Charisma is a short twelve year old girl, exactly one millimeter taller as Mabel. She has brown wavely hair. She wears shirts and sometimes wears sweaters that can not see her hands. She also wears shorts and skirts. She wears sandals, and sometimes gym shoes.






Wolf Form



As a wolf, Charisma is about 10 feet in length, has clean white fur, dark intelligent eyes, and is very swift. She is the fastest and the largest in her pack. She is a stronger fighter and known as a alpha.


Shape shifter edited-1

Real World Charisma's Wolf Form




Wolf Abilities







Natural enhancements

Delayed aging

High body temperture

Alpha voice



Great eyesight




In the real world her cousins Grace and David watched a movie about Wolves. The next day they have been turned into shape- shifters [a.k.a. wolves like in Twilight] by a magical person. They found out and try to keep it a secert but her family and her friends found out in a party at the day they found out. Later Charisma, Grace, and David get into a wormhole that takes them to a cartoon named Gravity Falls.

In the cartoon they went inside the Mystery Shack where no one was home.Then Dipper and Mabel came back and they went to Mabel's closet and hid intill they fell asleep. Dipper was awake because he thought he heared something in the woods and waked up Mabel. They went into the forset. In the middle of the woods they found Charisma and her cousins asleep on the ground and Mabel and Dipper carried them into the Mystery Shack. They woke up and meet them and became friends but they did not tell them where they came from and what happen in the real world. Somehow her friends came into Gravity Falls by a wormhole and they all found out they can't leave.