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Catian is a Feledice. Feledice are cat like aleins with strange powers. But Catian is a Royal, which means that he has alot more powers than a normal Feledice. 

On EarthEdit

Catian came to earth to hide from Space Police. Earth is one of the only planets that the Space Police does not cover, so he is safe for now. He met Dipper in the forest behind the Mystery Shack. He is very protective of Dipper and Mabel, and Thinks Gideon is a Warlock trying to kill Dipper and Mabel. 

He is very playful, and likes to play pranks on humans. He lives in a huge cave in the side of a mountain.


Catian can turn in to a Human, a cat, and a Large lion like monster besides his true form. He can only turn in to a lion when very angry.

Catian has many powers, from a simple energy blast to a Black hole. He also has stranger powers like body swapping and cloning. He is allergic to peanuts, and if he is around them, he gets very sick and can let out tornado sneezes.